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Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier, Marrakech


The Royal Football Federation of Morocco and the Minister of Equipment decided to invest in the future of the Moroccan Football. By investing massively in NEIPATEC Perimeter systems, the Moroccan Federation is showing to the world that they are aiming at improving football infrastructure in Morocco as well as opening the door to all the UEFA and FIFA major events.

Zurich – FIFA President Gianni Infantino said, Tuesday (9th of Jan) in Zurich, that Morocco is able to organize major football events in the future. After the meeting, Infantino announced his  intention to visit Morocco in the coming weeks to develop relations and strengthen cooperation between FIFA and the FRMF.

Today, 4 of the main stadiums of the country have been equipped with brand new LED perimeter system approved and certified by the UEFA and FIFA organization. The Moroccan Federation is now competing with European stadiums as Manchester united, Olympique de Marseille, Liverpool or Barcelona, using the same equipment and technology standard.

ARTIXIUM FRANCE together with their local integrator ENCOM, have been working in close collaboration in order to close one of the most important LED deal in the sport history in Africa.

Producing, Delivering and Commissioning 1 kilometer (921,6 sqm/m2) of LED screens in 4 different stadiums all over the country in 60 days… ARTIXIUM & ENCOM did it on time for the grand opening ceremony.

Today, Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, and Tangier are equipped with 250m of NEIPATEC PERIMETER SYSTEM – UEFA and FIFA certified, with a resolution of 10mm (SMD enhanced black face) and fully IP65.

A great achievement for all the team – ARTIXIUM and ENCOM.

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