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Studying under LED lights


Panthéon-Assas University, known as “the top faculty of law”, is a public university in Paris, France. It was established as a successor to the faculty of law and economics at the Sorbonne University when the latter on May 1968 was divided into thirteen autonomous universities being Assas University one of them.

The Alma Mater is composed of four departments specialising in law, economics, public and private management, and political science, and hosts twenty-four research centres and five specialised doctoral schools. Every year, the university enrols approximately 18,000 students, including 3,000 international students.

With a Neoclassical architecture, this university has the perfect contrast between classic and modern. Outside reflect the place where the knowledge has born and rise through centuries, but inside technological compositions on the architecture create modern and avant-garde environments.

In the central entrance hallway of Panthéon-Assas University, a very special project of Artixium’s LED screens performance every day a symphony of shapes and colors, being integrated with the architecture and being part of more than 10.000 student’s daily life. As most of the installations cases, the screen must being viewable at maximum, but here it is the opposite.

Located in one of the main corridors of Panthéon-Assas University, Artixium’s Lithium cabinets were installed one by one.

This fixed installation of 800 square meters and 690 Lithium Cabinets is one of the biggest LED screens in Europe. The P40 Lithium Cabinet was specially created for this installation with a customised size. As a conclusion, these environmental installations allows students and visitors to be connected with the soul of the university and live the contrast of the classical and modern structures at the same time. Definitely, the creation of these spaces fosters and encourage students learning, being good places with good lighting and atmosphere, who wouldn’t want to stay studying more time?

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