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European Tour


Johnny Hallyday is a rock and roll star well-known in France for many generations.

He was a pioneer of this music movement in France and since then he has been called as “the French Elvis”

Mr. Hallyday is recognized not only for his impressive voice throughout the years from his Francophone audience from all around the world that besides France includes: Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Guyana, Southeast Asia and Africa; but mostly for his great stage performance, and this time will not be an exception.

In his most recent tour “Rester Vivant”, Johnny Hallyday has included 6 large ceiling LED displays that move according to the desired stage in synchronization with the songs that this rock star sings during almost 2 hours of show.

These 6 ceiling LED displays represent the biggest movable rental LED display ever created, the first of its kind, and has been specially made for this tour, by using P6 Indoor Xenon powered by Artixium.

But that’s not it. The tour also has two big flat screens on both sides of the stage, a curved LED display façade with 4096 x 756 pixels and a massive skull as a personal touch from the singer.

This movable screen is made of 6 panels for a total of 168sqm. The total structure weights 27kg/sqm, which makes it a total of 4.5tones. Each panel includes 4 sections of different measurements that integrate Xenon cabinets of 768mm x 575mm.

Specific triangle modules are incorporated into the sections frames so they can give a visual effect of complete landscape when it is in horizontal position for the public.

Each section includes one hanging point, power box and wires management, all perfectly connected together to manage its movement.

Our rental LED display distributor in France, Skynight, and Artixium worked together in the R&D process and stage creation. It took 6 months, over 20 people, a total of 600sqm of Xenon, and a lot of enthusiasm, resulting in an amazing collaboration and a great tour that is already on the road since the beginning of October.

Xenon  series is Artixium’s pro-touring Indoor/Outdoor rental cabinet. It has been designed to be extra durable and resistant for extreme transportation and usage.

The 12Kg Xenon is compact, easy to handle and ready to perform in the most demanding environments.

It guarantees consistent brightness, also offers rental companies the flexibility of combining the previous generation of Xenon-L and Xenon-S. Thanks to the slim design and high IP rating it can also be easily integrated into special fixed installation projects (such as mobile LED Trucks).

The “Rester Vivant” Tour started in Nimes Festival at the beginning of July this year and will be visiting the most important cities in France, Belgium and Switzerland until March 2016.

Johnny Hallyday will continue conquer hearts with his music and eyes with Artixium’s LED Displays!

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