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Paris, France


2 million crystals, 40,000 hanging beads on one giant chandelier, 200 kilos of feathers, 100 sqm of LED Screen, 300 light projectors, a magical orchestra with 45 instruments, 35 cooks, and one skating rink; compose LE LIDO. A cabaret and burlesque show known for its exotic spectacles including dancers, singers, and other performers, which opened its doors for the first time in 1946.

Located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France; on one of the most touristic and bustling zones in the city of lights, LIDO offers an outstanding show surrounded by the most attractive women and men historically known as the Bluebell Girls and Lido Boys performing on an A-class scene.

The cabaret is hosting a number of 500,000 visitors per year from all nations around the world, all expectant to enjoy a show full of sensuality and sophistication supported by a total of 100 sqm Indoor Fixed installation system executed by the Krypton Series and Hydrogen Series.

The Krypton Series is a slim profile indoor/outdoor cabinet which was selected for this particular project thanks to its front access solution. With weights between 7 to 8 KG, the Krypton has a unique design combining the cabinet structure into the installation frame itself which makes it ideal for installations where space is strictly limited for aesthetic reasons and which was the case at LE LIDO setting.

Its stage featured 252 pieces of Krypton P6 Indoor for the main screen and 72 pcs of P4 indoor Hydrogen for two moving screens.

Despite the limitations, both installations fit perfectly according to the stage demands and currently are performing on the lovely Parisian nights at the 116 Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Here, a compilation of the great images of LE LIDO on-stage:

Photos: Courtesy of LIDO DE PARIS – OFFICIEL’s Facebook

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