We are a multi-national one-stop-shop for design, manufacturing and installation of digital display technology concepts and we care about a flawless operation for our clients.

Our life cycle management includes Monitoring, Maintenance, Repair and Calibration services. Build for the most demanding environments, and according to the highest specifications of our clients. With offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Europe and a Global Distributor Network, Artixium is practically around the corner for many of our clients.

To conduct our services we offer a highly motivated, driven and multi-cultural team of Digital Display Engineers. Together they support you and your brand to bring the best picture quality possible. Native support in the major languages of the world builds long lasting relationships between our clients and Artixium.

Our display products and solutions come with a standard factory warranty. Produced at the Highest Standards and the Common Certifications in the market, we promise you a trouble free operation. In case of special installation circumstances, or very high up-time requirements, we can offer you Higher Service Levels with maintenance on site, recalibration services, or quick replacement services. Our offices in Europe, Russia, the Americas and Asia offer repair services and are equipped with Spare Parts, proper tools and Recalibration equipment.

• 24/48h intervention.
• Spare parts replacement.
• No matter screen size and pitch.

For furthermore inquiries or any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact us. Make sure to choose your purpose of contact to optimize response duration (we usually reply within 48 hours)

Artixium employs several European, American and English Speaking Chinese technicians in our global offices. They support our Sport, Media and Event Distributors on a day by day basis. They are also available to support training on-site to your technical support staff.

Our technicians are certified, they will give you a basic tutorial on how to use the screen properly and how to do problem solving yourself incase you need to replace some modules and how to send them to us. Our certified technicians can provide you a basic mechanical and maintenance training in order to let you identify and solve the most common issues. If you are looking to be completely autonomous with your screen(s) maintenance and operation, you can always opt in for one or some of our trainings.

Our trainings are organised by artixium’s skillfull & experienced technicians. They hold all construction vehicle, devices and electrician certifications. You can consult our basic and advanced, software or welding trainings below. Even though most of our trainings are done in-house, some can also take place on site where your screen(s) may be. To get involved, seek out our in-house training schedule and contact our instructor to reserve your seat or gather more information.

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After have agreed on an installation planning, our team will take care of the structure delivery and installation. All of our technicians are certified for all construction vehicles or devices and electric certification.


Once the structure and the screen are installed (including cable management, electric panel installation), our technicians will operate the screen to make sure everything is properly set up. Several tests will be done to insure durability and stability of your screen. If required, a chroma calibration will be done.

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To help our Integrators and Distributors to win projects we have Project managers and Project Engineers available that can assist with the development of Installation Solutions and Special Requirements like safety or constraints. Our Project Engineers can turn around drawings in several days to facilitate the fastest and most detailed solutions to your Tender, and help you to win projects.

The Artixium team can also deliver the structure required for your screen’s installation. Whether your screen rises up from the ground, hangs from a roof or has to be fixed onto a 30 floors building fascade, Artixium can offer a wide range of solutions that will meet your project mechanical and technical requirements. All of our technicians are certified for manoeuvering all construction vehicles or devices as well as being able to work at heights such as building fascades, roofs or ceilings. They are also certified electricians.



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Timing Is Everything

Artixium can you organise the logistic from our Shenzhen factory to any location worldwide. Our delivery packaging includes anti-static bags accompagnied by anti-moisture packets making sure your order arrives at destination intact



At Artixium, we follow your project from conception to completion. On site scouting is the first and most important step of the process to make sure the right product has been selected and the entire installation is flawless. Our team will give pointers and advise you on how your screen should be installed for a safe, convenient installation. This will also optimize the installation duration and make upcoming maintenance or repair work easier if it ever occurs.


According to the initial location scouting and agreement, our team will start working on the structure drawings for your screen. Whether your screen rises up from the ground, hangs from a roof, is fixed onto a 30 floors building or is made to be mobile, Artixium can offer a wide range of solutions that will meet your project mechanical and technical requirements.

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