Philipp Kirkorov & ARTIXIUM

P6.25 Helium

Philipp Bedrosovich Kirkorov is a Russian pop singer of Armenian-Bulgarian origin. He is a five-time winner of the “Best Selling Russian Artist” title at the World Music Awards ceremonies! In 2016, Artixium provided Philipp with 816 cabinets of 500 x 500 mm Helium cabinets for one of his world tour! You can see the LED wall on the preview below.

This Screen is gigantic ! 816 cabinets of 500 x 500 mm represents 204 sqm of LED! Not to mention this is a mobile screen, following Philipp Kirkorov at every dates of his tours. He has been using the Helium for 2 years already and still using it today! (2018).

You can watch his full show below to have an idea of the impact the screen has on his show by itself:

The Helium is mainly and perfectly adapted to rental application. We didn’t compromise on any of the components or on the features of the product. However the real added value of the HELIUM is to be suitable for rental aswell as for fixed installations. This allows your rental investment to be easily integrated as a fixed LED wall if need be.

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