Lyon, France

Lithium Sport P16 @ Central Auto

In November 2018, the artixium team made and installed a giant led screen using our product, the “Lithium Sport” at a brand new Central Auto dealership.

19 x 5 cabinets, 95 cabinets total! Each cabinets with a size of 1024 x 512 x 76 mm which brings us to a massive 50 sqm screen!

The Lithium Sport is usually made for scoreboards and fascia, but can be used for other types of applications such as this one. The main goal was to have a product with high brightness (7500 NITS) and a screen large enough so it’s visible from the highway a few meters away from the dealership. 50 sqm using our product the “Lithium Sport” in P16 with a very high brightness is impossible to miss.

The Installation took approximately 4 days with 2 technicians. It was a thorough job and a work of extreme precision considering the screen is hanging from the roof with the help of 5 slings and 5 hanging bars.

These kind of installations are not the easiest, it’s important to remain steady during the installation process and take the time to pay attention to small details. Once the screen was successfully installed, the Artixium team gathered to celebrate the installation.


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