France Tour

La Voix De Johnny

avec Jean-Baptiste Guegan

After sponsoring Johnny Hallyday’s tour “Rester Vivant” back in 2015, we are proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of “La Voix De Johnny” tour by Jean-Baptise Guegan (TOP #1 Physical album sales since its official release) presented by Chiflaos ! Dates and more informations about the tour is available

We’ve provided 280 cabinets of the Ayrgon 2.0 for this event, an excellent product enabling curve and floor options, especially made for rental but can easily be used for fixed installations. The Ayrgon 2.0 comes in two different sizes, (500 x 1000 x 83 mm | 500 x 500 x 83 mm). It’s extremely quick and easy to install, carrying 8.6kg per cabinets and its tool-less locking system, the AYRGON 2.0 os now travelling throughout France with a show planned every 3 days.

For each dates of the tour, the 70 square meter P3.91 led display was installed in 3 hours by 5 technicians with ease and absolutely no set backs.

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If you are one of our clients, don’t hesitate to contact us!  We would be more than happy to offer you free tickets so you can see this beatifull display with your own eyes!