Paris, France

Iron @ Charsima Christian Church

A 50 sqm screen of 4 x 12 meters with our product: the “Iron” (Front Maintenance) in the biggest church in France, “Charisma Eglise Chretienne”. The installation took about 36 hours by 4 technicians, with absolutely no setbacks.

Using the IRON cabinets 500 x 500 mm, P3.91 in front maintenance. The installation process was smooth. The screen of 50sqm was mounted, held by six truss, cabled and configured with ease. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy to install screen, have a look at our IRON product here:



After the screen was installed successfully, our team concluded with a training so the client can become 100% autonomous to handle the screen video content and maintenance themselves. The front maintenance on the IRON is intuitive and can be done by a single technician with ease.

Magnet modules are removable with the help of a tool shown on the picture above. Pull out and unplug the module, replace it with a new one. The module maintenance process is as simple as that.

Final touches were made to assure a good screen lifetime, it’s safe to say our Iron product was perfect for the job. Alignments of the cabinets and the screen quality is marvelous.

More about the IRON:


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