The World’s Biggest Outdoor Private Cinema


FRENCH RIVIERA & OUTDOOR CINEMA – Capital of the luxury and crossroads of the VIP the small coastal town of Saint-Tropez is now the new home of the world’s largest outdoor cinema ever installed in a private villa. ARTIXIUM in partnership with ILLUSY worked together to design, manufacture and install this monstrous 36sqm screen.

Cutting-edge LED technology and advanced mechanical engineering merged into a subtle combination to create the ECLIPSE. Rising from its hidden pit without a sound, this massive 8 meter width LED screen is surrounded by an advanced acoustic sound system and reveal itself from the ground in less than a minute. It was a great challenge for us considering the size of the screen and complexity of the mechanical structure.

The ECLIPSE gives a perfect native ratio of 16:9 with vivid colors and optimized image contrast. Artixium Display Ltd and Illusy invested all their time and energy to bring outdoor cinema experience to the next level controlled by a single remote. Once the show is over the screen goes back below surface until the next ECLIPSE experience.


For this project, the Proton was our product of choice, 144 cabinets in 3.9 pixel pitch. The PROTON is our new born solution for fixed installations. This indoor and outdoor product is the perfect balance between simple engineering and optimized components. With a size of 500 x 500 mm and a weight of 8 kg, the PROTON is the right product to make your fixed installation projects fast and easy.