UEFA & FIFA Compliant

neipatec LED Perimeter Systems

The official Artixium video of the neipatec perimeter system for stadium application has finally been released. More than a piece of hardware, the neipatec is today known as a performing European trade mark certified for UEFA and FIFA major events.

Since its creation in 2012, the neipatec has been redefined, improved and optimized several times to reach its current level of technicity.


Because the Stadium industry is constantly asking for more innovation in digital field, Artixium applied the latest update on the system which is based on Virtual Technology Advertisement.

Next to this remarkable changes, the neipatec perimeter system is now frequently traveling between Europe and the US for UEFA and FIFA events and many other major events.

Full detailed video installation of a 250 linear meter perimeter system using the neipatec will be coming next. Make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to our social media channels!

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