The label NEIPATEC is an European trade mark recognised as one of the most performant sport perimeter system currently used for UEFA & FIFA events. The label NEIPATEC gives customers confidence in the quality and the durability of each perimeter system switching on the field. More than just a label, the NEIPATEC brand is today setting the standard on the sport perimeter market by offering full integrated solution to customers.

NEIPATEC label is today represented by 3 type of products PS10.4a-S/T, PS10.5-S/T,  PS12.5-S/T. By creating a product range on 3 levels, we cover all the sport market needs with patented and certified technologies which gives our customer competitive advantages over competitors.


ENHANCED BLACK FACE TECHNOLOGY (EBF): For enhanced contrast. This is the solution for high resolution displays to keep the correct brand colors.

PIXEL PITCH: P10, P12.5 and asymmetrical 10mm(V) x 12.5mm(H)

FULLY IP65 (front & rear) PROTECTED CABINET AND FANLESS COOLING SYSTEM: Completely weather protected from all sides. Avoiding entry of water from rain or sprinkler systems in the stadium. Furthermore the fanless solution prohibits dust and dirt from entering the cabinet. This reduces the risk of electronic component failure; therefore extending the life of the system.

LIGHT WEIGHT: At 28kg/m² (approximately 50% less than current industry standards) logistics and installation of the system is faster and easier; therefore operational costs are significantly reduced.

CABLE FREE BACK SIDE: Avoids the situation of disconnected cables by ball boys or photographers; and provides a clean look.


Advertisement softwares are also part of Artixium sport solutions, it allows brands and companies to overlay existing advertisements on perimeter systems with other content in real time for live television broadcasts. It gives the option to the organisers of sport event to generate multiple independent advertisement messages, giving sponsors the opportunity to create unique advertising messages targeted to specific audiences all around the world.

We are using an special video effect called Keying. Keying is the process of isolating a single color or brightness value in an electronic image and using software to make that value transparent, allowing another image to show through the affected areas.


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