LED Displays has become the most advantageous and effective eye-catching communications mediums in the advertising world.

After so many years using traditional advertising; companies finally found in LED display industry a big advantage to market their brands, saving costs and generating more meaningful experiences. So digital signs reach much more people at a much more economical rate than other forms of advertising. According to studies in most countries, more than 50% of people remember and express positive motivation for buying the advertised brands.

Also, the companies understand that the cities of the world continue to be changing and getting into an extremely and fast mobile society, people spend more time out of their houses so, they’re exposed to the advertising. Nowadays to walk, to drive, even to fly, represents an ongoing opportunity to capture new customers by LED displays. When we talk about advertising, we must start thinking about the future’s customers too, and the way that they will begin to receive the information and the experiences. LED displays provide flexibility, thus, this kind of sign is able to create environments and can be updated at any time with amazing designs (and at no cost).

One of the bests examples of LED displays effectiveness is located in one of the most important streets in UK: Leicester Square. This square is in the West End of London, England. This area is the entertainment heart of the city and also is the site of most British film premieres. At night, Leicester Square becomes exceptionally busy with tourists and locals visiting stores, bars and restaurants. Thousands of people walk this square every day, and when we are exposed to the LED displays advertising is impossible to us to look away.


An suitable product for this kind of application is Lithium. As a multi-application product (indoor or outdoor, fixed or rental), Lithium has been designed to perform in many different environments. Artixium Leicester Square project requires 18 cabinets. These LED screens (for fixed installation) have been specially made to have a lightweight, high-quality installation and easy to install.

Finally, we must consider that most of the people often judge the book by its cover, so we should worry about building a very good one, and as a strong competition, companies need to be looking at new advances in technology to make sure they are providing the best to their clients. Definitely LED Displays are a very effective, they are perfect to create environments and experiences. Also LED Displays are an inexpensive way to increase sales, attract new customers, and promote your business.