There are many companies in the industry of LED screens which are choosing front access on their displays.

The reasons vary depending on the specific needs in terms of structure, location and conditions of installation, among others.

But what are those important aspects which are crucial to choose the right kind of access?

What should we consider when deciding on a special front access?

Front Open Lid:

There is no doubt that the screen type “front flip open” or “open front lid” provides a good front support for fixed installation screens. However there are certain restrictions that prevent its operation, for example, when the display height is over 2 meters, or when it is not possible to obtain a space for maintenance of the screen in the back over 80 cm.

In the case that the screen is exceeding 2 m, it would be very difficult to design the type of front lid open because the “cap” wouldn’t be able to support its weight.

On the other hand if the screen is mounted on a wall for example, it is clear that the best option is front installation due to limited space that will exist between the wall and the cabinet.

Hydrogen Product P8


  1. The flip-up screen LED uses the safety strap to secure the front of the cabinet.
  2. The product allows full access inside where the electronic components are located.
  3. Cables can be “routed”, which generates an ordered arrangement of wiring.
  4. Behind the cabinet, only needs little space for ventilation and structure.


  1. For a flip-up type screen installation process requires greater effort because devices as gondolas or Cherry Picker are needed.
  2. The maximum height of the cabinet is limited to 2 meters.
  3. The cabinet design involves a different manufacturing process which may result in a higher price.

Pop-Up stand or Front Access Modules

Special modules for direct access to this type of LED screen are articulated to the cabinet. It can be released through the unlocking two locks found on the inside of the modules using the special key type T to open.

The use of this type of installation can be very simple for the maintenance process.

Front Access Modules on Hydrogen P8


  1. The T tool is used to secure the cabinet.
  2. The electronic components can be serviced with full access.
  3. The structure and space for ventilation behind the cabinet are reduced.
  4. Internal access to cables.
  5. The front-access system using modules, allows larger cabinet.


  1. Maintenance (in some cabinets depending on the manufacturer) is done using the removal of masks to reach the lock hole, where the screwdriver should be used for removal. Then, masks and screws can be lost.
  2. T tool must be used to unlock the cabinet.
  3. The nacelle and Cherry Picker are adopted as auxiliary equipment to complete maintenance work.
  4. Compared to the standard cabinet, the cabinet with front access modules leads to an increased investment.

The choice of the right front access will vary according to the type of installation and the budget, therefore it should be inquired with an expert for the right front access compatible with the needs of the site where the LED display will be installed.